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PARS Lighting Products Company,LLC was founded by Mr. Ron Keshmiri in 1989.

The company has been serving the electrical and lighting industry continuously ever since. Mr. Demetrios Skourtis joined the company in 2010 as managing partner.

PARS Lighting Products Company is well known as one of the most reliable suppliers of Plastic lighting panels, Light Covers,

Fluorescent Lenses, Tube Guards, Parabolic Louvers, Lighting Globes and Lighting Components. The company also represent some

of the leading lighting manufacturers in the United States.

PARS Lighting employs the most experienced staff in order to provide products and solutions to their customer's demanding

lighting problems.

Our sales staff are available for consultations and field surveys at no cost or obligation.

The offices and manufacturing facilities are located in The Greater San Francisco Bay Area. 

PARS Lighting Products Company maintains a vast inventory of Plastic Lighting panels, custom formed Diffusers, Tube Guards, Parabolic louvers, Lighting Globes and Lighting components which can be shipped immediately.

Custom manufacturing facility can design and fabricate custom parts that are no longer manufactured or supplied by the original

equipment manufacturer.

PARS Lighting Products Company enjoys a long working relationship with local electrical distributors, schools, colleges and governmental agencies.

Our business model has been successful by establishing friendly face-to-face contacts and providing quality, on-time products and services to our customers.

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Ron Keshmiri





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